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You’ve tried several of the traditional recruitment agencies and for some reason, they just can’t cut the mustard: They make you feel like you’re dealing with a faceless organization of plain CV forwarders with no sense of urgency or ownership in the consultants you work with; you’re disappointed by the quality of candidates they send you and the time it takes to get them.

On top of that their communications are full of “corporate-speak” and empty promises. If that’s your experience of recruitment agencies, its time you try us GLOBAL TALENTS HR CONSULTANTS PTE LTD.


Who are we:


We are a ground-breaking, independent and licensed recruitment agency with our headquarters in Singapore.

We are not fans of empty, fancy corporate jargon but we prefer to be plain-speaking and direct approach. When you work with us, you don’t just get an agency with an extraordinary culture. With us, you get the real deal. You get the tempo, speed, stamina, and quality in the process,  all topped off by creative thinking to make sure we deliver in time as promised. 


We formed a 360-degree’s group of recruitment individuals that “get it”. Individuals that nurture relationships in a way that help us cut through the noise and connect you with the right talent – with the right people who will be a perfect cultural fit for your organization and make a clear contribute to your brand. We do it by seamlessly fusing together traditional recruitment methods with a twist of digital marketing and a sprinkle of social media magic, helping corporations in world domination and candidates reach for the skies.


Our long-term partnerships


When you work with us, you will be signing a long-term partner to support you in all ways possible with more, much more than just filling your positions. A partner that guarantees you access to all those “receptive” talents out there, both active job seekers and passive candidates who don’t yet know that you are looking just for them. Specially the exclusive ones that they’d be open to hear more about that “great opportunity” and trust “only us” to bring the opportunity to them.

Our personal approach to our work has meant delivering winning results for some of the biggest and best companies including business startups and small and medium size companies of all shapes and sizes.


You’ve finally come to the right place, lets make a difference together!