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We do not think there’s a need to try to hard sell you our services, our existing track record and our clients references should be sufficient should you be interested to meet us face to face. However we think is important that we highlight  the foundations of our success thorough our operative lineage. There is a based theory that the majority of people (whether a candidate or a hiring Manager) do much prefers to have a quality, trusting relationship with a single person or a team with one recruitment brand.


And thorough the years in business we have stablished that our customers are happier and more satisfied when they have a recruitment relationship where their contact person is brave and honest to give them a “whats and all” view together with a more consultative approach when presenting candidates as the opposite of having a number of different agencies all competing to “win their interview slots” at all cost.

That priority of at all cost “wining interview slots” always results in “over-selling profiles”- the opposite of “whats and all”.

“Whats and all” is the type of transparency you will get from each and one of our consultants and line managers. Together with a service price package the can include the following:

  • Peace of mind with candidate warranty– The best rebate/candidate replacement for free in case of resignation or dismissal.

  • Standardise fees in line with our existing client portfolio

  • Branded advertising on jobs.globaltalentshc.com.

  • Tailor made social marketing to ensure we are promoting your opportunity and brand across social media.

  • Access to Global Talents Hr Consultants exclusive candidate network through our in-house research team to get the best candidates “IN” rather than “ON” the market.

  • A discounted rate for temp/interim when you choose to make them permanent.

  • A discounted rate across other services within Recruitment and HR services

  • Free workshops to further develop skills for your team members. 

We have put this service package together knowing that price is always important, but having a truly enjoyable, trusting and supportive partnership with your recruitment partners is equally important.

Even if you are not recruiting at the moment, we would be happy to meet you and start building a relationship. This way when the time you need recruitment support comes, we will already know about each others working culture, and the type of person that will fit better with your hiring managers criteria and organisation.

To request a meeting with one of our team members, please click the link below and fill the brief form. We will contact you back to your earliest convenience.